Upcoming 2008 Knox County Elections

There will be 6 countywide positions on the ballot in February (Primary ballot) and August (General ballot) 2008. The positions are:

Sheriff – Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones is expected to be a candidate.

Law Director – Knox County Law Director John Owings is expected to be a candidate.

Register of Deeds – Knox County Register of Deeds Sherry Witt is expected to be a candidate. Sherry Witt has a website. It is located, here.

Property Assessor – Knox County Property Assessor John Whitehead is term – limited and is ineligible to serve. County Commissioner Phil Ballard is expected to be a candidate.

County Clerk – Knox County Clerk Billy Tindell is not expected to be a candidate. Republican candidates expected to be candidates are County Commission Chairman Scott “Scoobie” Moore, Former County Commissioner Mike McMillian and former City of Knoxville Police Department Spokesman Foster Arnett, Jr. Democrat candidate expected to be a candidate is County Clerk Deputy George Stooksbury.

Trustee – Knox County Trustee Fred Sisk is expected to be one of several Republican candidates in running for this position. Other rumored Republican candidates are former County Commissioner John Griess, former County Commissioner Larry Stephens, Government Relations Representative for St. Mary’s Steve Hill. Probable Democrat candidate for Trustee is current School Board Member Robert Bratton.

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1 Response

  1. Scott Emge says:


    Ms. Whitt has a very nice website, but I noticed on it, there is no mention of her Administrative Assistant, Steve Hall. I have been told he is the highest paid AA ever to work in a Knox County fee office. I wonder if there are any other AA’s working in county government that get $70,000 per year?

    Could you get some info from Ms. Whitt? According to Rebbecca Ferrarr’s article in today’s KNS, an audit was done in the Clerks office. Was a similiar audit done in the Register’s office and if so what were the results? If not, why not?

    Just Curious.

    Have a great weekend Brian!