What Happened in Nashville at the Capitol Today?

Today at the State Capitol in Nashville a Block Grant Bill for TN Medicaid was debated and passed along political party lines.

Two interesting observations from me.

One, Jason Zachary rose and spewed out some good red meat rhetoric about not wanting Washington’s best but Tennessee’s best. It even made it on WVLT this evening.

However, when it came time to count the votes, Speaker Cameron Sexton announced the vote and announced Rep. Zachary is excused. Where’d he go? Why couldn’t he vote for Tennessee’s best?

Two, Rep. Darren Jernigan a Democrat talking about the inevitable came up with a new term. He said I hope you (Republicans) do not become a “Super Minority”.

That caused me to think of the Jimmy Naifeh years and in talking to a friend about Rep. Jernigan’s comment we came to the conclusion that the Republicans were not that low in numbers. But the Democrats get mostly their way in the Naifeh years. I did however feel empathy for Jernigan



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