I’m Baaaaccck!!

I have just returned from a Spring Break trip with the family. It was a great time. On Friday, the boys and I watched the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the New York Yankees., a great 9 innings of baseball. Witnessing at least one or more of the Grapefruit league Spring training games is always a highlight of time in the sun, sand and water.

In returning this evening, I am reminded that two years ago the tabloid editor girl reported in the tabloid that I was vacationing in Key Biscayne, Florida. I have visited the island once for a business meeting. This island was once President Richard Nixon’s vacation spot. However, two years ago the tabloid editor girl got it wrong and never corrected it when she was told that she got it wrong. It made her feel better to try and make me look bad and attempt to tie me and Nixon together. I was honored but sad for her, that she didn’t have the courage to admit that she was sensationalising the story.

Anyway, I am back and half way through my third book of the trip So Help Me God by former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore. I completed the two books previously mentioned here at Brian’s Blog.

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