Here’s to a GOOD Guy! Knox County Lost a Good One

I meant to post this on Friday. Sorry about waiting till Monday.

myself and TODD Napier at the River Breeze Event Center announcement and ground breaking

myself and Todd Napier at the 6/1/2021 River Breeze Event Center announcement and ground breaking. 

On Friday, Todd Napier left the Knox County Development Corporation. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon have proposed moving the Development Corporation into the Chamber Partnership. Thus, giving Chamber Partnership CEO Mike Odom the additional task of Development Corporation and Chief Business Recruiter.

That’s equivalent to putting the Head Coach being over all Operations and Recruiting. Napier acted as a Sports Agent bringing legitimate good prospects to the table.

When Napier met with Odom about the new structure and his role in it. His role in the new structure would be greatly diminished. So, he found a gig where his value would be utilized and rewarded.

Here’s to TODD!

By the way, I’ve been around long enough to know the predecessor of Napier and in my opinion he has far exceeded Ziegler. While I am dishing my opinion I believe giving the Chamber the recruitment is too much in one bucket. But hey, it’s Jacobs and Kincannon’s call.

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