Mark Cawood – Is the truth in him?

On WBIR today they are running a news story about Mark Cawood’s new employment. They are reporting that Cawood said that he hadn’t talked to the Sheriff’s Department until Wednesday January 31, 2006. Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison through his spokesperson said that they had conversations in the fall, but that Mark Cawood was hired two weeks ago.

Say what you will about the Sheriff. I have personally known the good Sheriff since 1990 while he was running for Sheriff (the first time) and I ran for County Commission in the Eighth District. I know the Sheriff and I know that Sheriff Tim will NOT lie for anybody including Mark Cawood. The News-Sentinel covers the Sheriff’s statement as well. However, Mark “I can’t tell the truth” Cawood refuses to call the Sentinel repeated times for comment on their story in today’s paper.

As I was growing up (some will contend that I still haven’t grown up, yet) I had many different older persons pour influence into my life. I remember hearing one of them say about someone that was known to tell a story. “The truth just ain’t in ’em” It appears that is the case with Mark Cawood. The truth just ain’t in him.

In December of 2006 less than 60 days ago in Commission Committee meeting and the full Commission meeting a week later. Commissioner Mark Cawood voted to create a Supervisor position for his wife (aka the Appointed County Commissioner Sharon Cawood) in the Juvenile Court Clerk’s office.

What is most troubling about this Mark Cawood incident is that in his position with the Knox County Sheriffs Office. He must ask individuals before the court. “Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God” Every person that Bailiff Cawood asks, should look at Bailiff Cawood and ask “How about you, Bailiff?”

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t need this type of person representing the department. Someone that “the truth just ain’t in them.”

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