Why Romney Can Not Beat Obama

As Tennessee voters cast ballots on Tuesday as part of the ten state Super Tuesday primary. I want to “officially” post my reason for not supporting Mitt Romney. I have made the case to friends since early fall that the reason the liberal extremist spent the summer and fall with the “occupy” movement and the “corporate greed on Wall Street” movement is that they desired to run this next summer and fall against the “poster boy” of Corporate America. 

Herman Cain who spent more time in corporate board rooms sacred the liberals to death. However, Romney doesn’t scare them. As he has flip flopped on gay marriage, abortion, earmarks and every other position he previously has taken. 
The picture below was posted this week on the forum for the liberal lunatics of East TN, “The Blab” which can be found hereThis confirms my position that  this part of the liberal strategy. 

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree 100% with you. 2012 is already won by Obama. He will win by a landslide. Now, fiscal conservativism, radical change and austerity is something that can be campaigned upon and the election can be won. Yet even the die-hard global Conservatives like the UK leader come and dine at the White House without even seeing any of the other candidates. From a global perspective they are saying the GOP has no chance. The GOP need to get behind this austerity program and be legit and cut EVERYTHING, making it better, whereas at the moment they post trillion $$ deficits for their alternative budget and keep the military budget intact. Who could ever take them seriously?? the US is getting left behind – wait till 2018 when other countries have legally, yes legally, balanced their budgets and the US has a huge one. Who will they invest in – get this, even US companies invest more in jobs in Europe then they do in their homeland. Unless the GOP can come up with a serious proposal, rather than shout out Obamacare every 5 mins they need to admit defeat early.