Knox Commission and City Council Special Work Session on the Stadium


Left to Right, Chis Caldwell of Knox County Stephanie Welch of the City of Tennessee and Mark Mammantov the bond counsel

The Knox County Commission and the Knoxville City Council met in Special Joint Work Session for about three and a half hours last night on the Proposed Downtown Multi Use Baseball Stadium.

The meeting began at 6 pm and concluded at 9:45 pm with a 10 minute recess at 8:10 pm. Presentations were made and the agreements were provided to Commissioners and Council Members that will be voted on next week. Commission to vote in its meeting on Monday and Council to vote in its meeting on Tuesday.

Councilwoman Amelia Parker announced that she would be seeking a postponement on Tuesday. She was critical of the lack of length and depth of the previous and this meeting as many Commissioners and  Council members desired to jut move along.

Therw were about a dozen public forum speakers. a few critical of the project. several in favor of the project, several representatives of various labor unions wanting Randy Boyd of Boyd Sports to engage in contracts to utilize labor union laborers to build the facility. The labor union representatives support a postponement of the vote on the agreements until agreements are signed.

It does seem the facility is well on its way to passing this first hurdles. I will be watching for you.


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