Halls Had It

You hear the old saying Halls Has It and then Hump over in Powell trademark’s penicillin will cure it.

Well, my friend Jake Mabe over at Musings from Mabe. BTW, Jake. How about them Cardinals. Back to the story, this post over at Jake’s blog has it that Halls has lost its one and only movie theater.

The movie theater was owned by Danny Wallace, a former State Senator and one of them good Democrats. O.k. There are three or four good Democrats and Danny was one of them.

From time to time mine and Danny’s paths would cross. Boys Club basketball, where both of our boys played or when we both got our haircut at the same place. By the way Danny. I have lost most of mine, I don’t need to get it cut much anymore.

It has become increasingly difficult for the little guy to make it with digital movie projectors and the like. Regal Cinemas is headquartered in Halls and maybe they can bring a theater to Halls. If the number 1 employee at Regal Halls guy Ted Hatfield has anything to do with it. I am sure they will.

Best of luck and God speed to Danny and the family.

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