Brian Hornback Earns Free Media Today

Brian Hornback earned free media today. Four different posts (from the same one – three people)were posted on a web based guestbook of a local radio talk show.

2. Looks like Hornback might go for the Griess’s seat. He will have a surprise in committee if he tries this. People are trying to explain to Hornback that you cannot do a backroom deal like this. I hope he understands. He can be replaced. Some of the stuff on his blog is an embarrassment to the GOP.

From Hornback’s blog today:

In the TN Supreme Court’s unanimous decision, there were no comments about Knox County or specifically, John Griess. So, the comment John Griess has been determined by the Tennessee Supreme Court to be ineligible as a candidate for the District 5 seat. is inaccurate. This person really should do some research and read the TN Supreme Court decision Bailey -v- Shelby in order to be accurate.

I find this conspiracy stuff funny. I find it sad that a few individuals are so consumed with paranoia and conspiracy theories that they would spread such rumor and gossip anonymously. I know who these people are. I just wish them the self confidence to be able to stop hiding in an anonymous phone in system and/or anonymous blogs. Come on out into the sunlight. That dark room of being anonymous that you are living in, isn’t good for you. Take a deep breathe, gain some self confidence in yourself and come on out.

I am just thankful that the Farragut Press staff spells the name Brian Hornback correctly.

Have a Nice Day. 2006-04-27 08:32:49,

5. Brian H ,come on out of the bunker ,take a free breath,and declare your rump candidacy for the seat held by “HELL NO I WON’T GREISS”.It is just that simple.Show leadership for once.If you want the GREISS seat,then just announce.You must resign and pass the mantle to the vice chair.If you don’t want the”GREISS SEAT”then just say so. GEN Patton said,”leadership means courage and sacrifice…”.It is not too late for you to show both.YOU CAN CHANGE. YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t NON-RESPONSE the citizens again. 2006-04-27 07:06:00, j r maynard, knoxville

Brian’s Blog note: Should a vacancy occur, the by-laws do not allow for the vice-chair to take over.

7. In the Farragut Press this morning:

I want to make this perfectly clear: a vote for John Griess is a vote for Brian Hornback. Support your write-in candidate.

[Knox County Commission-er] John Griess has been determined by the Tennessee Supreme Court to be ineligible as a candidate for the District 5 seat [includes all similar incumbents having served two consecutive terms]. He cannot serve. If you vote for him, your vote is an unknown vote. The worst-case scenario would be someone that we don’t want as our candidate or as our representative, like Brian Hornback. If you’re not sure, select a write-in candidate. Do a little research, and pick someone that’ll represent Farragut.

Did Hornback ever say whether he would seek to be the replacement candidate for Griess? The election is next Tuesday. 2006-04-27 04:50:50, Jim, Farragut

11. Over at Brian Hornback’s blog is a story about history will be made this weekend. Bill Haslam will be going door to door for Mike Ragsdale.

Here is what was written, “My sources informed me today (Tuesday April 25, 2006) that this weekend two current Mayors will be canvassing neighborhoods, in a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) effort. My sources asked if this has ever occurred in the history of the community or state. I feel certain that it has never occurred in this community and unlikely that it has occurred in the state.

So, if your neighborhood is the one. You will have the two decision makers within a football field distance from one another. One will be at your door, while the other is at your neighbors door.”

Ragsdale’s campaign must be in SERIOUS TROUBLE. It is a history making event to have to ask help from the Mayor of Knoxville to help you win an election. So with all of the money Ragsdale has, the great Jobs Now, and reading to school children, Ragsdale is so afraid he has to ask for help from Bill Haslam. Well, don’t let them in your house.

You can smell the Metro from here. 2006-04-26 11:59:20, No Metro need apply, Knox County

Thanks to the three anonymous conspiracy theorist for keeping the Brian Hornback name out there.

One reminder for you about Brian’s Blog, the permanent reminder is to your right just below the links.

I began my personal blog in August of 2004 for the purpose of providing information and thoughts on a multitude of issues and any news of the day for the benefit of family, friends and supporters. I realize that of the hundreds of people that read this blog, many of you do not fall in any of the three categories. That is Ok, your welcome to partake of my personal thoughts and beliefs. If you are here for the purpose of information related to the Knox County Republican Party, you are in the wrong place. Visit the KnoxBlog of the KnoxGOP. The link for the Knox County Republican Party is located below for your use.

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    When you make your private thoughts public they are no longer private. The distinction you are making is intellectually valid but not practically valid.
    What you are doing is using the Clinton Defense – my private life does not effect the quality of my public service. It didn’t work for him and it’s not working for you.
    While the GOP Website and Blog is the place to go for “official” stuff Brian’s Blog is the place to go to see what you’re thinking and stuff and people can and will conflate the two since you are the GOP Chairman.


  2. SteveMule,

    My point is that I had this blog before and anticipate having this blog after my Chairman stint ends.

    Several of my enemies advised me not to continue this blog after I became Chairman, however, this blog allows me to respond to a irresponsible journalist that rarely gets the story right.

    The primary reason for this blog is to share motivational stories, quotes and some news of the day.

    Unfortunately, the past several weeks I have been focused on the elections and on a few anonymous commenters. I am having a great time.

    Just remember “the brand” Brian Hornback.