An Insult On Talk Radio

This morning a local regular co-host on a local talk show made an egregious error is saying that “Brian Hornback had given a speech at Chilhowee Park for Students for Mondale.” This would have been in 1984.

I called in and corrected this mis-information immediately upon learning that it was said. There are few insults that motivate me to respond. Call me a Mondale supporter and I will respond, that is simply not true. When the local regular co-host was confronted by me on the talk show, he said, “I had heard it and was going to look into it.” Before going public with such a completely false story, he should have called me that is how you “look into it” Go to the source.

In 1984, I spent many hours at the Reagan 1984 headquarters, which was a small log cabin type building where the new Kimballs Jewelers building is now on Bearden Hill on Kingston Pike. My political mentor, former Republican State Representative and former Knox County Republican Party Chairman Loy Smith was a leader for the 84 Reagan campaign.

I turned 18 in August 1984, my first vote was cast in November 1984, I voted for Ronald Reagan. I have NEVER voted in a democrat race, ever.

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7 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    Mondale wasn’t that bad. Besides it was 22 years ago and lots of people’s ideals, positiions and whatnot have changed, I doubt anyone (with more than two brain cells to rub together) would hold it against you IF it was true -which, it evidently isn’t. You should correct this and it sounds like you did and rightly so. But really, to consider this an inslult? Come on, it’s not like they said you were a liberal Deaniac back in ’84.
    Breathe in,
    Breathe out,
    Wax on,
    Wax off,
    Lousy reporting is just that, lousy reporting and you pegged them for it. KUDO’s!


  2. Steve,

    liberal deaniac in 2006 is as equal to being a Mondale supporter in 1984. Remember, Reagan took 49 states while Mondale only won his native state and not overwhelmingly I might add.

    Lousy reporting is based on lousy and lazy reporters, it shouldn’t happen. Thanks for agreeing to should have been corrected. You are right it was corrected.

  3. Jake Mabe says:

    Brian: Glad you stood up for both your voting record and for the Gipper. Also, anyone who says, “Mondale wasn’t that bad” is either left wing or just a revisionist. At least Minnesota voters remember — they overwhelmingly rejected him during a Senate comeback bid four years ago. As long as Reagan’s memory is alive, it will ALWAYS be morning in America.

  4. Dave Oatney says:

    Were you breathing in ’84 to remember that election, and what a cook Mondale painted himself as? To support him was insulting not only to Republicans, but a majority of Democrats! (Reagan carried 49 states).

    Preach it, brother! You know, I have always been proud of the fact that I have never aided or abetted a Democrat, nor have I ever voted in a Democratic Primary-for me, choosing to do such a thing would be the same as voting for Lucifer himself. If anyone tried to say I gave a stump speech for a Democrat, I, too, would be offended in ways that it is inappropriate to describe in the blogosphere.

  5. Dave Oatney says:

    I think if someone accused me of voting for a Democrat, let alone giving a stump speech for one, I would be as sorely offended as you were.

    Preach on brother!

  6. GoodGirl says:

    Whoa! Voting for a Democrat would be like voting for Lucifer himself?!

    That is taking it entirely too far.

    I’m a Democrat. The Heavenly Father loves me, too.

    You shouldn’t compare me to the devil just because you disagree with my ideology!!

  7. Dave Oatney says:

    I wasn’t comparing you to the Devil, I was saying that voting for the Democratic Party is the same as voting for Lucifer, as the Democratic Party does the work of the Devil.

    I stand by this, and believe it to be true.

    It may be that you do not do the work of the Devil, and yes, God loves you whether you do or do not.

    Doesn’t change the reality that the Democratic Party does the bidding of the Prince of the Power of the Air in the political realm.

    To be fair, there are some Republicans who do also.