Congrats to Steve Weiner! BrianHornback.Com is Always Here for You.

Steve Weiner, the brave Conservative Attorney that in late January 2022 decided to take on ole Knox County at Large Commissioner ”seat 10” and within just a few weeks came within 3,374 votes of the upset win. Weiner spent $18,093.77 and ole “seat 10” spent $215,109.75 during the same period. With some Knox County vendors maxing out to “seat 10”, the same vendors that get angry at me for pointing that out. But, hey apparently I am the only one in town that pays attention, that is okay.

Then in September 2022, Weiner got six votes to be on the Merit Council Board of Directors, but ole “seat 10” and Commissioner Carson Dailey began making noise and Commissioner John Schoonmaker back peddled on the vote to place Weiner on the Merit Council Board of Directors and in October 2022, Weiner didn’t get the appointment. Watch the Merit Council Board of Directors interviews here from September 2022.

Weiner has served on the Knox County Library Advisory Board and this month the Knox County Commission must accept his resignation from the Board (read the Commission item here) and now Commissioner Schoonmaker must find a new board member to serve the Fifth District.

Why is Weiner resigning? Well he very soon will become the Deputy Law Director of Sumner County, TN. He will be relocating to Sumner County, TN. So, while the good ole boys of Dailey, Schoon, Beeler and “seat 10” ran Weiner out because he dared to challenge “seat 10” in an election. (my opinion, feel free to make it your own) Sumner County gets the win.

Congrats Steve! You will do well in Sumner County.

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