Historic Preservation (This Post Can Be Dangerous To Our Health)

Somebody call Kim Trent and tell her to sit down, before you or she read any further.

This story from the WATE website caused me to take notice. I have not been a fan of historic preservation, ask Kim. While on the school board, I came on a different side of Ms. Trent and her group regarding the Old South High School.

Now I find myself finding a building that I can stand with the historic preservationist. I believed and continue to believe the Smith house once owned by Cherokee Country Club. That the club should have been able to tear it down, without litigation or government control. I believe the school board should have been able to tear down Old South High and give the community some much needed green space.

I am fundamently opposed to the government or any group of people telling me what I can or will do to property that I own. I will now say that this property Elliot Hotel should be preserved and Monday Realty should correct the building to make it fit for occupancy.

If Monday does not want to correct it or can not correct it, then please sell it to someone that can and will.

At this time, I am not in favor of the historic zoning overlay, but I have now found some common ground with Knox Heritage and Kim Trent. If Kim Trent is now passed out on the floor, please help her back up.

(This post in regard to Kim Trent, is meant in humor, no intent to harm Mrs. Trent’s feelings or the feelings of Knox Heritage were intended)

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1 Response

  1. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    What’s different this time? What’s special about the Elliot Hotel? Did Ike or someone special sleep there once?? Do you know an investor/realtor that would do that? Why the unexpected shift?