BREAKING NEWS Out of Shelby County, TN – Unanimous decision by TN Supreme Court…Term Limits are Legal

This from a local television station less than 20 minutes ago, the TN Supreme Court has upheld with a unanimous decision that term limits on the Shelby County Commissioners are legal.

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5 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    Mr. Hornback,
    How do you think this will affect the Knox County Commission Races? What will we do in the cases were it’s a now term limited incumbent of one party versus a challenger from the other party?


  2. Not sure what will happen at this point. If the 12 are taken off, Knox County will lose alot of knowledge, experience and it will cause a few speed bumps down the road of good government.

    13 at a time is not the way, the voters intended this to happen in 1994, I don’t believe. I voted for this in 1994, had I known taht in 2006 we would potentially lose 13 at one time, that would have scared me to vote NO.

  3. I have and continue to support term limits, however, I believe it should be up to each individual to term limit themselves.

    I have and continue to support individuals that have not term limited themselves.

    Former First District Congressman Jimmy Quillen always said “we have term limits, they occur every two years for me, it’s called an election”

  4. Dave Oatney says:

    How can we hold a primary in May when no new candidates have enough time to take out petitions, file, AND run an effective pre-primary campaign? What will we do?

  5. Dave:

    You are asking very valid questions that I don’t have answers too. I believe everyone is shell shocked.