Superintendent Only Looking To Promotions or Challenges

UPDATE: This from the Chattanooga Times- Free Press, the Application of the Knox County Schools Superintendent to become the Hamilton County Schools Superintendent

This from this mornings Knoxville News-Sentinel. (free registration required)

Interesting that the Superintendent of Knox County Schools states “I’ve only responded to two opportunities, and I think that’s the message I want to portray,” during a Saturday evening interview.

The next morning on Sound-Off, a local public affairs radio talk show the Fifth District Knox County School Board Member said when asked about the issue by talk show host Dave Foulk. “I know he has applied for several different positions, because he has told me in the past to expect phone calls.”

So we go from two to several? Not sure how that happened.

Then on March 4, 2006 in a story by Ericka Mellon a reporter with the Knoxville News-Sentinel there are a couple of Knox County School Superintendent quotes, during his interview to become the Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools.

These quotes can have multiple meanings and can be interpreted in a number of ways.

“I’m really interested in a board and a community that has a passion, a desire, a will, to take on an internationally competitive school district,” the Knox County School Superintendent said.

“Hamilton County and Chattanooga has a community with the real resources, the legitimate resources, to pull something like this off,” the Knox County School Superintendent said.

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