Gay Education in Elementary School

All the news about the “don’t say gay bill” that has passed the State Senate and is waiting for the State House of Representatives to vote on. The comments are that in Tennessee it is not possible to teach gay in the elementary school. That the curriculum in Tennessee does not allow it. Actually, it could be implemented by the State Board of Education. The bill is in anticipation and preparation of probable action by the state board of education. Currently, there is a film about elementary school gay education in California. Here is a 4 minute trailer for the film.


Knox County Commissioner Sam McKenzie announced today on the Hallerin Hill radio talk show on WOKI NewsTalk FM 98.7 is asking the County Commission to instruct County Commission Chairman Mike Hammond to send a letter asking State Senator Becky Duncan Massey to propose a a censure on Senator Stacey Campfield. Here is the first segment of the program where McKenzie details his proposal. Here is the second segment of the program where McKenzie took phone calls. Here is the third and final segment where McKenzie was educated on the bill by State Representative Bill Dunn about McKenzie’s statement that gay education is not, will not and can not be taught. Just last year a group of citizens rallied in opposition to Knox County Schools Health Curriculum that was being administered by Planned Parenthood that had gay education over tones.  

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    If Commissioner McKenzie is so busy with worrying about the state legislature, maybe he ought to run for a state seat.

    Otherwise, he ought to worry more about his responsibilities in the county, or his constituents might come to believe he's not looking out for them, but busy looking out for his own agenda.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That film, “It's Elementary”, is being played in classes all over the state of Tennessee today. This is the 15th anniversary of that film. Teachers can play it off the internet on YouTube. Just like the link you provided.

    It's called off curriculum. Tennessee teachers can show anything at any time off curriculum as long as they don't test on it. And they do.

    That is why this bill is so important. And this isn't the only internet film that is played in class. You would be amazed at what is happening in elementary schools in Tennessee.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The kids in the video are only saying what they believe their teacher wants them to say. I would venture to say that they don't bring that kind of “teaching” home to share with their parents. The left wingers are trying to push homosexuality on us like they successfully pushed evolution. Those subjects should be left to parents to discuss with their children, if they so choose.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sam McKenzie is the King of the Showboats. He really thinks he can run against Stacey and win?

    Go for it Big Boy. People don't like panderering liars Sam. Step up and put your money where your big mouth is.