Town of Farragut and that Property that No One Other Than Government Wants

August 2022, Knox County School Board and Knox County Commission (a few lame duckers) voted to buy some land right off McFee Road. A bad deal that #theMegaBullhornofTruth aka me would expose as a bad, bad, horrible deal. December 5, 2022 Here, January 3, 2023 Here and January 7, 2023 Here. Fortunately, the School Board walked on the deal.

Now, the Town of Farragut has begun the due diligence period on the land. Why do land developers not want the land but governments want to spend other peoples (taxpayers) money for it. The Mayor and Vice Mayor voted to proceed, Alderman White voted No. Aldermen Meyer and Burnett were absent. It has caused citizens to ask questions, a Public Meeting is scheduled for September 25, 2023. Here is an interesting exchange with Public Forum and the Board of Mayor and Alderman last week. It seems the Town Administrator Smoak is the calm, cool hand of Town of Farragut officials.

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