a Small Exposition of Pole Dancing at the Knox County Commission Work Session by seat 10 (the one with a mask)

Seat 10 at Large Knox County Commissioner (the one that is not at Large Seat 11 Kim Frazier) is wanting to put more work on Knox County Engineering and Public Works. He wants EPW checking the poles in Knox County and mandating replacements. Not sure if the adult establishment poles are safe at this point.

In pole observations, EPW will inform the utility company which ones they are to replace. If the utility companies do not replace them, then seat 10 would have the county refusing to grant permits in placing more utility poles.

Check out #29 (the Resolution) from this past Monday’s Work Session here. You can check at Large Seat 10’s pole demonstration here, any nudity has been redacted, to be family friendly. Here is a six year old road plan from Knox Planning that at Large 10 has referenced.

Also #43 from Monday’s Work Session agenda is at Large Seat 10’s Ordinance (originally deferred from February) will be heard at Monday March 25, 2024 Commission meeting. The Fiscal Impact is not significant to the tax payers. Because the cost is to the utilities, thus the rate payers (everyone of us) so at Large Seat 10 wants to tax every utility rate payer (the ones with electricity, telephone landline and cellular and wifi) If you struggle with paying everyday bills with the Biden economy. Just wait till at Large Seat 10 (wannabe Mayor Jacobs gets to pass on poles to each and everyone of you and me!

There is a database that all utility companies and the attacher’s (companies like wireless, phone) attach to and use the poles. Seat 10 wants to add to the database, inject himself and Knox County into the governance of poles.

Jay after Ward was elected overwhelmingly for Chairman of Redistricting Committee

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