Martin Ammons v Stacey Bryan Smith at Knox County Election Commission Nominating Petition Challenge. Smith Remains on the Thursday August 1, 2024 Ballot

Yesterday afternoon, Friday June 7, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. as Vols baseball was beating Evansville at Lindsay Nelson Stadium, the Knox County Election Commission heard a challenge from Martin Ammons, a Supporter of Knox County Commission Republican nominee Andy Fox, an Attorney. Fox the successful Republican candidate faces Matthew Park, the Democrat nominee and Smith an Independent candidate.

Smith had obtained 36 plus/minus signatures on his nominating petition between October and December 2023. Twenty Seven had been certified by Election Commission staff. The petition was turned in and certified by Election Commission staff in December 2023. After the primary, Martin Ammons contested more than a handful of signatures, after open record requesting the voter application record. In my case, that would have been my signature in September 1984. How many of you have the same signature as you did 40 years ago?

I now take you into the entire hearing

Introduction of persons and Swearing In of Witnesses, here.

Opening Statement of Martin Ammons, here.

Opening Statement of Stacey Bryan Smith, here.

Evidence of Ammons, here.

Questioning of Ammons, here.

Evidence / Response of Smith, here.

Closing Statement of Ammons, here.

Closing Statement of Smith, here.

Questions and Discussion of Election Commissioners and Motion to Resolve, here.

Mr. Smith was told by Election Commissioner Bob Bowman not to take the challenge personally. As a first time candidate, I am sure Mr. Smith in human nature felt he was being attacked. Ultimately, Smith prevailed. He will still be the Independent candidate on Thursday August 1, 2024, Early Voting July 12-27.

Mr. Mark Goins, TN Election Administrator of Elections was present via zoom, he only had to respond (by shaking his head) at the very end about whether the next meeting of Election Commission was sufficient for approving the meetings for last evenings meeting.

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