the Brian Hornback Experience Episode 166 • Guest – Dawn Close of Dry Hollow Community in South Knox County

On the 166th episode of the Brian Hornback Experience, I talk with Dawn Close of the Dry Hollow Community of South Knox County. The topic of Thunder Mountain and their development of property continues to be an ongoing discussion.

Thunder Mountain is seeking to zone the Bower Fields (a set of baseball fields leased to Knox County Park and Recreation for 10 years, they have nine years left on the 10 year lease) to Commercial.

Dawn and I talk about that and maybe more.

Episode 166 here or wherever you download and listen to podcasts.

Episode 166 here from my YouTube page.

Here is the Knoxville Community Media recording of the live stream of the June 13, 2024 of the Knox Planning meeting where Thunder Mountain and Bower Field was discussed, it will be heard and voted on at the July 11 planning meeting.

As mentioned in the podcast, the video from October 8, 2020 here where Commissioner Carson Daley said Public Forum at Commission meeting is not a right but a privilege.

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