“Save Bower Field” Rally Held Today June 29, 2024 Delivers the Message

Today citizens, property owners, taxpayers gathered to send the message “Save Bower Field” • the owner/leassor of Bower Field to the leasee ”Knox County” is requesting the field to be zoned Commercial from it’s current zoning. The reason that is significant is that the lease (as I recall) states it can be terminated at anytime. If there is 9 years remaining on a 10 year lease, why rezone today?

Knox County Commission candidate Matthew Park said today, “The message is simple, if the owner of Bower Field’s property wants to pay for a new field and move it, they must build the new field first before the county will allow the lease to be broken or the land rezoned. There should be no rezoning or reduction in services at Bower Field until the replacement is complete and deeded to the county.”

If Andy Fox and Stacey Bryan Smith, the other two candidates for Knox County Commission Ninth District have comments to be attributed. When they send them to me, I will post as quickly as possible.

I was unable to attend today’s rally, so thank you to the community for allowing me to use the photos, they submitted. I will continue adding to the collection, if i receive more.

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