New Hopewell Elementary, Your Wait Is Over. Kristi Kristy Delivered!

Persistence Pays! Knox County School Board Member Kristi Kristy is a persistence one. Tomorrow Knox County School Board will vote to purchase 25 +/- acres for a “new” New Hopewell Elementary School, here.

Where the bonfire is on the map is the land to be purchased. where the hand is writing is the current New Hopewell School. Where the ambulance is, currently houses the Knoxville Knox County Rescue Squad. More than twenty years ago, when I was on the School Board, we purchased that property for a New Hopewell School. Clearly it was not ideal. Now, I hope when the old school is vacated, that Knox County will surplus sale both pieces of property. Maybe the Rescue Squad will want to buy that piece they are on.

The land to be purchased (in my humble opinion) is a great piece of property. It is on Kimberlin Heights Road, just up from the current New Hopewell Elementary School. It is at the intersection of French Road and Kimberlin Heights Rd just off Governor John Sevier Highway. Access will not be an issue and the total purchase price is no where near where the current inflated land market prices exist.

South Knox has a friend, an advocate in Kristi Kristy! Good Job Kristi! Let’s hope all the School Board agrees.

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