Sights From Yesterday’s Knoxville Veterans Day Parade

The flag been raised on Gay Street in Knoxville before the beginning of the parade.

Williamae Brown of the DAV is cheering the students from Temple Baptist Academy of Powell, TN as they chant “USA, USA, USA”
Our Knox County Criminal Court Judge Steve Sword, a veteran and still active duty was present in Friday’s Veterans Day parade.

Knox County Law Director Joe Jarrett, a Veteran of two branches and two stints of military service participated in the parade.  

Left to Right, Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby, Dave Wright, Knoxville City Councilman Nick Della Volpe and Knoxville Interim Mayor and City Councilman Daniel Brown

The fly over was neat.

“Killed in Action Forever Honored”

One of our heroes greeting the Temple Baptist Academy students.

Another one of our heroes high fiving the young observers.  

Another on of our Veteran Heroes.
Of course as a proud member of the AdmiralNation I must show you the Farragut High School NJROTC.  

As a proud member of the AdmiralNation, it is the Farragut High School Marching Admirals Band.

The last group in the parade is the Farragut Middle School Marching Band. The farm team aka minor leagues of the Farragut High School Marching Admirals Band..

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