All Gave Some, Some Gave All! Veterans Day 2011

Today is Veterans Day 2011! I am going to do something I haven’t done since I began this blog in August 2004.

The Billy Ray Cyrus song, “All gave some, Some gave all”. The chorus says “All gave some and some gave all And some stood through for the red, white and blue And some had to fall And if you ever think of me Think of all your liberties and recall Some gave all.” The lyrics also say “Love your country and live with pride And don’t forget those who died America can’t you see.”

First of all is my Uncle Ed, my dad’s brother. Uncle Ed was actually Paul Edward Pratt he was a PFC in the US Marine Corps, he served in World War II. He was killed in action December 30, 1943. Uncle Ed was born November 15, 1921. Uncle Ed gave all at the young age of 22. I visited his resting place in the Knoxville National Cemetery (the second of four in Knoxville, that includes Old Gray) today. Obviously I never knew Uncle Ed. He gave all 23 years before I was born. I will forever be indebted to my Uncle that I haven’t met.

Second is my Papaw, my dad’s father. Harold H. (Jim) Hornback who was born July 17, 1901 was a PVT US Army and served in World War II. He was one of the greatest generation that gave some. He came home and raised his family and had an impact on my life. He passed away on March 27, 1988. The day after I married my wife. Miss you Papaw and am honored that you gave some.

Third is my Uncle Gene, my dad’s brother. Gene Pratt. He was in the Navy and served in the Korean Conflict. Of all the War Memorials I have visited in Washington, DC the Korean Memorial is the most moving. Uncle Gene came home and contributed to the life of his family and community. He was always the guy that everybody loved being around. He has since passed away. But I appreciate my Uncle Gene who gave some.

Fourth, is my Uncle Charlie. Charles Robert Blake, he is still alive and he served in the Vietnam War. My middle name comes from my Uncle Charlie. He is my mother’s youngest brother. I am grateful to my Uncle Charlie for giving more than some to serve my country and for enduring the stupidity of the Vietnam protesters. He gave more than some and if I could repay him, I would.

The next generation is my Uncle Gene’s great grandson, Andrew McMahan. Andrew has been accepted to “The Citadel”. I am grateful for his desire to serve and his commitment to serve. The next generation carries on. God Bless and God Speed Andrew!

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  1. jeff_ownby says:

    I would like to thank all the Veterans that have served our country. Thank you for the freedom that I have.