More on the “rain tax”

Sources in the Deathstar aka City County Building on the city side indicate that Liberal Madeline has already been having discussions with city officials for implementing the “rain tax”.

Here is some additional information on Charlotte, NC Storm Water Commercial Property fee. It is $138.00 per Acre of impervious covering. So a Church with 20 acres of Property may have 15 acres of Impervious covering, so their charge would be 15 x $138.00 = $2,070.00 per month. For commercial properties, the calculation is acres of impervious cover. Look at the Fee grid (here) for the City of Charlotte, it states the charge is per acre.  And this means per acre of impervious covering, not of total land. If Liberal Madeline institutes this kind of fee, it creates a huge new revenue stream that will never go away.

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