South Knox County and the MPC

At  Mayor Burchett’s Constituent Night / Town Hall meeting last night the issue of the appointment of an MPC Commissioner came up. Obviously, Rachel Craig a two year MPC Commission appointee was not reappointed. So, there is currently no one from South Knox County on the appointed MPC Commission.

Todd Shelton was the first to bring up the issue. He asked about the appointment. Mayor Burchett responded that Jeff Roth was raised in South Knox County. Roth’s uncle owned Graveley’s Tractor on John Sevier years ago. He explained that Roth runs his father’s business and is a successful businessman. Burchett explained that he doesn’t look at issues as North, South, East or West. But as Knox County as a whole. Burchett further stated that when I am looking to appoint someone I do not look at their race, religious background or where they live. Mr. Shelton asked for a show of hands of those concerned about the MPC appointment about a 1/3rd  of the 50 individuals indicated they were. (I counted 12 hands raised, there were probably another 5 or so that didn’t raise their hands)

A lady talked about how she had always participated in the 9 counties 1 vision process and other community led initiatives. She liked that process. Another lady stated that it seems like you were thinking with a pro business agenda and when could an appointment happen in the future. Knox County Mayor Chief of Staff Dean Rice said there is another appointment coming up on MPC by the City Mayor. Lowell Cook stated “we feel it’s already not fair, here we are the red headed step child”. Then a gentleman identifying himself as Bill Cox, the poor one, not the one that owns the furniture store, suggested that “you need to think of someone with capabilities, The one we had had capabilities.”

The last question was asked by me. I asked the Mayor in front of the group. South Knox County has two County Commissioners that live in this community. Commissioner Mike Brown and Commissioner Mike Hammond. Did either of them voice any preference for a South Knox appointee? He said No. A lady in the crowd yelled out, did you ask them? To which another lady said “he shouldn’t have had to.” Mayor Burchett went on to say that even the appointee did not contact him with a request for appointment. He said there are no lifetime appointments. No one is assured of appointment.

After the Mayor’s Constituent Night, I traveled over the the South Knox Optimist Club at Gary Underwood Park for the South Knox Republican Club Hot Dog picnic. Commissioner Mike Brown was there. He and I talked about the Mayor’s Constituent Night, I told him of my question and the Mayor’s answer. Brown said “they didn’t ask” I told him that Mayor Burchett said that Rachel Craig did not ask him for the appointment. Brown said “Bull—–Hockey” He went on to say that he (Brown) introduced her to Dean Rice and stated she wants to be appointed.

It appears that what the Mayor said is true. The appointment is the Mayor’s appointment and she did not ask him for appointment. Sending a message through even a Chief of Staff is not going to the Mayor.
Interesting to note on this issue. Rachel Craig did not contact the Mayor about reappointment. She generated discussion on the local liberal blog here, in a News Sentinel story here and in the Metro Puss here. Not only did she not contact the Mayor about her desire for reappointment. She didn’t even bother to attend last night’s meeting in South Knox County about her own reappointment.

I intend to ask the MPC today for her attendance record in the two years while she served on the MPC. More details as they develop.

As a disclosure, I would like to share that on the Screams From the Porch blog here yesterday that Rachel Craig implored the blogs writer that he should not associate with me, (because the icky will wear off). Well, I posted a response that the difference in Mike Donila (the blog author, who happens to be a good and reasoned journalist) and Rachel Craig is that Donila and I have met, we have had several conversations and we have an acquaintance. Rachel Craig and I on the other hand have never met. She has an online presence that is negative, condescending and self righteous. I had hoped to meet Rachel Craig last night in the hopes that in reality she isn’t really any of those things. Last night she was AWOL (Absent With Out Leave) in defending her community and her record as a 2 year MPC appointee.

As for Jeff Roth, Knox County’s New MPC Commissioner, Mike Donila over at Screams From The Porch posted a blog post yesterday, detailing a phone conversation / interview with Mr. Roth. Read it here and meet Knox County’s NEW MPC Commissioner.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I did not attend the south Knoxville constituent meeting because I was attending the joint Commission/Council Hillside/Ridgetop meeting.

    And BTW, the Mayor had better consider racial diversity in making his appts. State law requires that.

    Also, there are 2 city appointees with terms that expire next year, but also 2 COUNTY appointees. So Burchett will have a chance to address this at the very same time that the new City mayor does. I'm surprised he doesn't know that.

    If you want to meet me, come to the next Hillside/Ridgetop meeting on 8/4. Or come to the south sector plan meeting at Ijams on 7/16. I plan to be at both of 'em.

    And BTW, as I keep saying repeatedly – there's not any reason to attack me. I'm not mad about not being reappointed. I'm concerned that south Knoxville no longer has representation on MPC; that's the issue here.

    Again, I ask you to post this in fairness to me. Again, I don't expect you to do so.

  2. Rachel this is the 2nd comment that you have ever attempted to post and both have been published. So, your statement about your history with my blog is just a flat out lie.

    Secondly, I will likely attend the Hillside meeting on 8/4. How can I attend a meeting on 7/16, when today is 7/23?

    Anyway, as far as attacks. You have taken to attacking me by posting online to Donila “that the icky will wear off” if he continues to associate with me.

    I sincerely believe that you are not the bitter, negative, condescending and self righteous person that your online presence demonstrates.

    My advice to you, is to let the bitterness go and like the Disney movie says “don't worry, be happy”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let's see – I called you “icky.” You called me “bitter, negative, condescending and self righteous.” I think you are ahead on pts in the attack race.

    Anyway, thanks for posting my last two comments. I've tried to post on several occasions in the past with no luck.

    And sorry about the typo on the south sector meeting – it's 7/26, not 7/16.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Mike Brown is one of the worst Commissioners ever. Watch as he tries to cheat hundreds of people from speaking at County Commission.

    Rachel Craig was fired for telling Commissioners they were stupid. You can see that here:

    Why does South Knoxville let such bad representatives represent them?

  5. Ok, Rachel Craig the third comment you have attempted to post has been published. Yes, you acknowledge attacking me first. That's a first step to leading a better life not a bitter one.

    As for the the descriptors I have used about you, is what I have witnessed on your online presence. I did not know about knoxblab until the middle of last week when Betty Beanie attacked Commissioner Ownby. When I discovered your screen name there and the mean, bitter, condescending and self righteous attitude you have posted about Mayor Burchett and other conservatives and me for not caving in to the bully tactics of Marshall Stair's friends your presence online is all those characteristics.

    I don't believe your like that in person. At least I hope not, see you soon. Maybe we could sit down with a couple cups of coffee and you and I can see each other as we really are. Not for what those that dislike us, have led us to believe we are.