Dale Smith Lied and Slandered a Private Citizen

Things are getting out of hand. Sandy Loy, Certified Construction Manager and Owner of Construction Plus has written 36 weeks of articles in a weekly newspaper publication concerning the questionable business practices of the Public Building Authority. Several weeks after Loy concluded his 36 week expose, Dale Smith, head of the Public Building Authority took to the podium at a County Commission and began rebuking the articles.

I was shocked as I watched the meeting, because Smith kept stating that “Sandy Loy this, Sandy Loy that”. I text messaged Mr. Loy and said are you aware that you are being talked about? Apparently, I was one of about twelve or more people that contacted Mr. Loy.

Members of the PBA (Public Building Authority) began asking questions of the approach of Dale Smith in slamming, defaming Mr. Loy. You see, if you have ever been a candidate on the ballot or an elected official you must prove that the slander directed to you is with malicious intent. Mr. Loy is a private citizen, has never sought public office and so he is protected from slander and defamation by Mr. Smith or anyone else.

Apparently, the PBA Attorney has asked where Mr. Smith slandered and defamed Mr. Loy. So a transcript has been provided. This one is going to get interesting. Bruce Pearl was fired for lying. Mr. Smith not only lied, he slandered and defamed Mr. Loy. So, here we go. I suspect the Big Metal Shed on the Hill will have a story on this. After that I will link to it and go deeper if the Editor shortens the story.

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