Monthly Archive: October 2018


Knox County, TN YOU Did It!

With one day of Early Voting left and Election Day on Tuesday November 6, 2018. Knox County has exceeded 100,000 voters. It happened today, October 31, 2018 that is a Halloween treat, Congrats Knox...


Early Voting in Knox County, TN

If you have not voted yet, you have today, tomorrow and Thursday and then you have Election Day Tuesday November 6, 2018 when you have to go to your assigned corner (I mean precinct)...

Taken from former KCS Board Member Amber Rountree’s FB page a picture with Democrat State Rep Gloria Johnson

Gloria Johnson as Extreme

I noticed this Facebook page and it looks like they are going after one term State Representative Gloria Johnson for being extreme.


Could Busler Face an Ouster?

For all the criticism that John Schoonmaker is receiving. He gave a weeks notice. Carson Dailey had a medical Emergency with his wife. But for Charles Busler to answer toll call at the 4...