Tim Newlon Makes Public his 2013 Candidacy

Last night, I posted about Ruthie Kuhlman announcing her candidacy for Knox County GOP Chair. She announced that Tim Newlon will be her running mate. That would be First Vice Chair.

I sent Newlon a message wanting to meet to get his bio and his core philosophies. We call that background on people & stories.

Within about an hour he posted the following statement on his Facebook page.

“Well I guess I should make this official, now. I was asked by the former Knox County GOP Chairman and now I am running for Vice Chairman of the GOP. I would appreciate everyone’s support in this endeavor.”

Interesting, he says he was asked by the former Knox County GOP Chairman. The immediate past chair is Irene McCrary, then yours truly (I didn’t ask him to run) then the others are Chadwick B Tindell, Sue Methvin, Mike Prince, Robert Lawrence Smith, Lynn Tarpy, Billy Stokes, Mike McClamyoch, Gerald Turner.

But Newlon said he is running for Vice Chairman. There are like 30 Vice Chairs. If he wants to be the second to the Chair, he should be announcing for Knox County GOP First Vice Chairman of the county party, not what he actually announced for.

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Given those who attended Philp Ballard's fundraiser last night I would say it was Gerald Turner.

  2. Deathstar 2nd floor says:

    I think it may be Robert Lawrence Smith, because Newlon's first candidate was a insurance claims guy, his second one was an insurance agent. I see a pattern here, Newlon likes insurance agents. Hey, BHornback don't you have an active Insurance Producer license from the State of Tennessee?

  3. Yes I do & Yes I am an active insurance rep when I am not working or blogging. I think Newlon is tainted in regards to me. He has listened to too many PhilBallard lies

  4. Anonymous says:

    If he is listening to Gerald “I can't pay my bidness taxes” Turner then Newlon will just be a pawn for “Jerry of bad hair”