TN GOP Will Select New Leader Tomorrow

The TN Republican Party State Executive Committee will meet tomorrow in Nashville. The significant business order will be to select the next Chairman. My State Representative Ryan Haynes is a candidate, many believe is the leading candidate. However, there have been up to six names floated out there. In the home stretch it seems that Haynes is being strongly challenged by State Rep. Mary Littleton. Also, in the mix is SEC Member Rebecca Burke, Former Davidson County GOP Chair Kathleen Starnes, Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain and Fox News Celebrity Scottie Nell Hughes.

In somewhat related news, Former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe (who was found by a court to have violated some fire fighters civil rights) has opined in his political column in the weekly advertisement wrapper, Shopper News the name of Jason Zachary, last years  failed challenger to Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.. The Knoxville News Sentinel (the matriarch paper to the advertisement wrapper) repeated what Ash had printed. They did credit Ashe with the information. During last years challenge to Duncan, Zachary lived in Roger Kane’s state representative district. So, he would have to relocate his family just for the purpose to hold public office.

There are a few names in the event Haynes is selected and at least one name of a caretaker. Ashe is credited in the Sentinel as saying an election is likely in September. September is a city election and not all inclusive of the State Representative district. It should be noted that Ashe began his career in having his Momma elected only to resign and get Ashe appointed when he was age appropriate eligible.



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