What the Lazy MainStream Media Missed in the Whiteside Story

Troy Whiteside accepted a deal that was presented to him and that deal was accepted today. The lazy reporters have reported that Whiteside was a contributor to Congressman JohnJ Duncan, Jr and Former District Attornwhy General Randy Nichols. One reporter has called Whiteside a Political Operative.

A contributor, Whiteside was. Much as many other major contributors. I decided to check on an Federal contributions, Whiteside made from 2000-2014. It was a simple as checking this website. (I don’t know why the lazy reporters can’t do it, as this is a hobby for me, not a full time job)

The website does not show any contributions from 2014 or 2012.

In 2010, Whiteside contributed to Tennessee Republican Party Federal Election Account and a contribution to DEMOCRAT Herron for Congress.

In 2008, Whiteside contributed to Friends of Zach Wamp, Bob Corker for Congress, Alexander for Senate 2008, Inc., Duncan for Congress, McConnell Senate Committee ’08, National Republican Congressional Committee.

In 2006, Whiteside contributed to Duncan for Congress

In 2004. Whiteside contributed to Friends of Zach Wamp, Duncan for Congress, Bush/Cheney ’04.

In 2002, Whiteside contributed to Friends of Zach Wamp and Ed Bryant for U.S. Senate, Inc.

In 2000, Whiteside contributed to Duncan for Congress.

This does not include state and local campaigns that Whiteside contributed to. Sources that should know indicate that he has contributed to Tim Burchett in his State Rep, State Senate and County Mayor campaigns. Of course, the state ethics panel has already dealt with multiple errors of the county mayor’s financial reporting.

In addition, the County Mayor’s Chief of Staff Dean Rice is reported to have been a paid consultant to Whiteside’s business for a number of years and accompanied Whiteside at the 2008 Minneapolis Republican National Convention.

So, when you read that he was connected only to Duncan or Nichols, the due diligence that the main stream media refuse or are too lazy to do proves them inept. When one reporter was asked the comment was made that Duncan was the highest profile official. When I asked so Duncan is higher profile than George W. Bush, Bob Corker or Lamar Alexander. They said well it wasn’t intentional. OK, All I want is the media to research and do a good job, if they can’t then step away and let another reporter do it.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect the News Sentinel owned shoppers circular wrapper to get both sides out, they have had 6 articles written by two stringers over the last 14.5 months with an anti Whiteside bias.



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