Fourth District County Commission Campaign Finances

On Monday Georgiana Vines filed this KnoxNews report online about the Fourth District County Commission race. Hugh Nystrom filed his report in a timely manner. Nystrom raised over $27,000 and spent $500. Read our story about that here. Janet Testerman filed an appointment of Treasurer on 7/8/2015, she is not required to file a report for the period ending 6/30/2015.

Today, July 15, 2015 the incumbent Commissioner filed his report. In February 2015, he had $87.78 on hand. On March 26, he had a campaign kick-off and fundraiser at a private Sequoyah Hills residence;  in late June a second fundraiser was held at a West Knoxville establishment. His report details during the time up to 6/30/2015 he has raised $3,672.22 and spent $2,092.06 with a balance on hand of $1,667.94. He list an unpaid obligation of $300, meaning if he paid that bill (whoever it is) he would have $1,367.94. He received $200 in monetary value of food and drinks for the March 26 fundraiser and his wife contributed $200 in food and drink for the June fundraiser. Nine individuals gave a combined $2,250 which includes $200 from former State Senator Stacey Campfield. The report lists unitemized contributions of $1,334.44 (meaning there should have been about 14 people that contributed $100 or less)

On the filing the math isn’t exactly accurate, it appears the $87.78 was included in the total receipts line. Because on the total receipts line it list $3,672.22. If you add the 9 individuals that gave $2,250 and the unitemized contributions of $1,334.44 it should be total receipts of $3,584.44 when you subtract the $3,672.22 from the $3,584.44 the amount is $87.78, that was the balance on hand, not receipts since the last disclosure. Additionally, the report list $300 obligation but the obligation is NOT listed on an obligation page.



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