Briggs Wants ObamaCare/MediCare Expansion in TN and that is Why He Endorsed Jason Zachary’s Opponent, In My Humble Opinion

Today mailboxes are stuffed with a card with Senator Richard Briggs endorsing Jason Zachary‘s opponent. Briggs has served one year in the Senate and during that year voted in committee and then pushed ObamaCare expansion in TN. A position that was not in the majority of the legislature. It was not the position of our Former State Representative Ryan Haynes at the time. So, a vote for ObamaCare expansion is a flip flop.

Interesting to note, only two precincts in House District 14 are in Senator Briggs district. All the other precincts are in State Senator Becky Duncan Massey‘s Senate district. I am one of those citizens as is Jason Zachary’s opponent that has never been represented by Briggs, why would we listen to Briggs?

This endorsement (in my humble opinion) is about Briggs wanting to bring Obamacare expansion to TN. I hope that Mr. Ogles and Ms. Cross with AFP TN are paying close attention. ObamaCare expansion in TN is a vote against Jason Zachary.

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  1. BenAtchley says:

    i am reminded of when former State Senator Ben Atchley endorsed an opponent of Stacey Campfield, when Campfield was in the State House and the Atchley candidate got about 20% of the vote in a 3-way.

    Benny was likeable, always had lived in his Senate district and had won multiple elections. His endorsement didn’t do squat.. Briggs is NOT likeable, he moved into the senate district but like Benny his endorsement won’t do squat.

    Briggs is a pro Obamacare, pro abortionist (voted against the 48 hour waiting period) and surrounds himself with the likes that go to Sharps Ridge for picnic lunches.