KCEA Endorses the Lowest Tier of Candidates

The teacher labor union political action committee has informed their membership of their endorsements.

School Board Endorsements

The third district endorsement of Rex Anthony Norman, sources have told me that when he was a teacher for the district, he was moved from Farragut High to West High in part due to an internal investigation. I plan to research the personnel file when time allows.

The eighth district endorsement of incumbent Mike McMillan is bizarre in that McMillan chose to retire instead of facing charges of testing irregularities and inappropriate material located in his classroom closet when he was a teacher at Gibbs High School.

The fifth district endorsement of the least educated, least experienced candidate opens the question if the KCEA desires the person that will simply follow orders. Lori Boudreaux is a better choice.

The second district endorsement of Jennifer Owens was predictable as Owen is a former teacher until she resigned in 2014 and is as liberal as the organization.



County Commission Endorsements

First District: Evelyn Gill, a liberal disciple of KCEA. Gill has failed to file her 2/1/2016 campaign finance disclosure with the election commission. What would teachers do if students failed to turn in school work? Give them a zero, Rick Staples is a Better choice in the Democrat Primary.

Second District: Laura Kildaire a Democrat and John Fugate a Republican. They likely selected the weakest Republican to give Kildaire a chance to win in August. Michele Carringer is a better Republican choice.

Fourth District Marleen Davis the Democrat, Davis has failed to file her 2/1/2016 campaign finance disclosure with the election commission. In addition, they endorsed the incumbent with a 2012 arrest and a 2013 court appearance of no contest. Again, the incumbent would be easier for Davis to beat and the incumbent takes orders from KCEA better than the others. Hugh Nystrom or Janet Testerman are better choices than the incumbent in the Republican Primary.

Fifth District: They passed on the Democrat candidate Sherri Ridgeway that filed a campaign financial disclosure, endorsing John Schoonmaker the Republican who has questionale campaign finance disclosure Filings already reported here.

Sixth District: endorsed Donna Lucas a Democrat that has failed to file her 2/1/2016 campaign finance disclosure with the Knox Co Election Commission. They also endorsed Brad Anders, they likely endorsed in the hopes that Lucas will challenge Anders on August 4.

Eighth District: David Wright, Commission Chairman unopposed until August 4 when he must face Independnt Don Wiser.

Ninth District: endorsed Brandon Hamilton and Carson Dailey both face one another and Independent Tom Pierce  on August 4.

There will be a Meet and Greet this Tuesday February 9, 2016 from 6-8 pm at the Buddy’s BBQ banquet Hall located on Kingston Pike between Northshore Drive/Kingston Pike interchange and Bearden Elementary School.

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