Fifth District Knox Co. Commission Candidate Ridgeway Files Financial Disclosure

Yesterday, Fifth District Knox Co. Commission Candidate Sheri Ridgeway filed her campaign financial disclosure. She had $50 on hand and has a $92.00 loan. Ridgeway will appear on the August 4, 2016 General Election ballot.

UPDATE: 11 a.m. Cliff Rodgers called to inform me that an appointment of Treasurer was filed on 1/25/2016 by Schoonmaker and a clerical error kept it from being scanned and placed on the website. The website is my source in casee anybody wants to know my Election Commission source.

John Schoonmaker another Fifth District Knox Co. Commission candidate is in violation of campaign election laws. He filed a financial disclosure, has received $665 without filing an appointment of Treasurer. State law mandates no funds are to be collected or spent without an appointment of Treasurer. KC-PACE a PAC of the Knox Co Education Association endorsed him. If he interviewed with him seeking their endorsement and contributions, if he has sought contributions or spent money, he is in violation of state law.

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