What’s the BIG deal?..Nobody cared about Campfield or Turncoat Burchett

According to the anonymous website Rocky Top Politics, there’s a letter signed by a bunch of legislators upset that one of their own (Judd Matheny) has an opponent and his opponent has hired a TN GOP staffers wife as their consultant.

The people raising the issue are taking liberties with facts they may not have. Like assuming that the staffer and his wife share in the income from her consulting business. For the record, I haven’t talked with anyone at TN GOP, the legislators that signed the letter. So this is simply my first reaction. The only person I have talked to is one of my sources that told me that the staffers wife’s client is Matheny’s opponent.

But….where were these hell raisers in 2014 when all the GOP powers that be didn’t support Senator Stacey Campfield. Additionally where were these hell raisers in January 2005 when Senator Tim Burchett cast the vote that stuck the TN Senate with a Speaker and Lt. Governor that was a very old and elected member of the Democrat party instead of Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. The Republican Party had a slim majority beginning in 2005 but had a Democrat Speaker/Lt. Governor because of turncoat Burchett.

The letter that was posted on Rocky Top Politics.

The letter that was posted on Rocky Top Politics.

The letter that was on Rocky Top Politics

The letter that was on Rocky Top Politics.

Too bad Rocky Top doesn’t have the stones to reveal their identity. Of course it makes it harder to defend oneself from libel and slander suit, like my 2013 Kuhlman-v-Hornback suit, which I reveived Summary Judgement on 9/11/2015. But it is my thoughts (which could change with more information) I ain’t skeered to put my name to it.


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4 Responses

  1. 4thDist says:

    Brian, how about when the Chair of the local Knox Co Republican Party had thousands of dollars given to Briggs and then her own family received compensation from Briggs campaign. That was probably before you were looking at financial disclosures or her and Herbie’s frivolous lawsuit probably kept you from reporting it out of an abundance of caution.

    Don’t blame you…..sure am glad you had the best lawyer that got you Summary Judgement.

  2. CruzISTHEONE says:

    I suspect these are the Trumpkins trying to find another chink in the armour of SuperChair Haynes….the same nutty Zacharites of 2014

  3. Jerry Lester says:

    I just went back and looked at Dr Briggs disclosers and don’t see any to the any of the former GOP chairs family though I do see ungodly amounts to someone who’s brother is hiding over seas to avoid criminal prosecution for his role in the scandal in the trustees office

  4. BonBon says:

    Yes Jerry and that same consultant tanked the Huckabee wagon in Iowa last fall and this winter. Wonder how long Zach was told to stay overseas to avoid the Burnett, Tindell treatment?