We Welcome James Corcoran, Republican Candidate for State Representative District 18 and Announce his Platform

We are pleased to Welcome James CorcoranRepublican candidate for State Representative District 18 as an advertiser. He will be on the site through the August 4, 2016 Republican primary, Early Voting is July 15-30, 2016. Corcoran is an Attorney that actually engages in the field of litigation, much of his practice is at Juvenile Court and in Family practice where he works with clients through the most stressful periods of their lives and helps to make a real difference in his clients lives.


For the past decade, James Corcoran has been representing children and parents in Tennessee’s family courts. He has extensive experience in litigating the most serious issues facing our State’s children, including drug abuse, child neglect, several physical abuse and more.

While James has often had to deal with the worst situations that life can present, he sees the opportunities to make our State better and safer for our most vulnerable.

Since 1999, the average number of children born exposed in utero to illegal drug use went from 1 per 1000 births to 12.5 per 1000 births. In Northeast Tennessee the average is closer to 45 per 1000 live births. These children suffer greatly at birth and can suffer childhood-long setbacks due to the harm they experience. Fiscally, Tenncare spends an average of $63,000.00 per child in birth expenses alone, compared to $7,000.00 for children who are not drug dependent. This number doesn’t include the thousands of dollars spent for the children that end up in Foster care as a result.  There were approximately one-thousand drug-dependent children born in Tennessee last year.

James Corcoran believes that being Pro-life doesn’t just mean hoping that someday our High Court will protect the unborn from death. Being Pro-life means protecting the unborn from harm. James believes that we can take steps now to protect children from the current epidemic of children born exposed in utereo to illegal drugs. We need new legislation to enable and require intervention during the late stages of pregnancy to require participation in treatment. We need to empower our Department of Children’s Services to stop abuse in utero, and enable our Courts to take action before these children are born addicted.

East Tennessee is en-route to becoming the prescription drug capital of the world, but our legislators have focused on distractions to avoid taking responsibility for the very real threat to our families.

James Corcoran has witnessed first hand the helplessness that family members experience when their loved ones are struggling with addiction. James Corcoran intends to pass legislation that will allow family members to get Civil Court intervention and court ordered treatment, instead of leaving family members to wait until the criminal system becomes involved. We should not have to wait until our loved ones are at imminent risk of death or incarceration to compel treatment.

James Corcoran also believes in traditional conservative values like personal responsibility, low taxes, adequate funding for education, and being tough on crime. In this era of Republican super-majorities in Nashville, we need someone with the legal expertise to deal with the intersection of the opiate crisis and our families.

Check out James Corcoran‘s Facebook page here and a link to his website is provided there, where you can volunteer or make campaign contributions to his campaign.



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