Write-In Votes Cast on August 4, 2016 Ballots

Every election hundreds, sometimes even thousands of write-in votes are cast, I will highlight some from each ballot position cast in Knox County on August 4, 2016.

United States House of Representatives 2nd Congressional District 294 rejected write-in names, 398 total

Anyone Else got 12

Doug Harris got 2

Howard Vogel got 3

James P McIntyre

ME got 2

Mickey Mouse got 10

Not Trump

Stacey Campfield

Steve Hall got 3

Abe Lincoln

Madeline Rogero


Tanya Coats

Tennessee State Senate 6th Senatorial District 204 rejected write-in names 236 total

<no name> got 5


Dolly Parton

George D Sanger (School Board Member Tracey Sanger’s husband)

Lou Moran III

Mini Mouse

Mrs. Burchett (wonder which one?)

Never Trump

Doug Veum

Jack Knoxville

Jim McIntyre

John Cena

Mark Campen

Pat Summitt

Tennessee House of Representatives 13th District 29 rejected write-in names 34 total

Anyone got 2

Gloria  Johnson

Gloria Johnson got 2

Raymond Boswell

Russell Kuhlman

Don Daugherty got 2

Not ACheat

Tennessee House of Representatives 14th District 43 rejected write-in names 51 total

BrianHornback Com

Hes Racist

Jimmy Duncan

John J Duncan Jr

Karen Carson got 3

Lou Moran III got 4

Not Zachary


Patra Bonham Rule

Tennessee House of Representatives 15th District 57 rejected write-in names 66 total

ABC got 3

Alexander Waters

Bud Armstrong

Cas Walker

Dave Foulk

Deno Cole got 2

Jim Golden


Rick Staples

Victor Ashe

Bernie Sanders

Homer Simpson

Robert Marlow

Tennessee House of Representatives 16th District 58 rejected write-in names 64  total

Any One Else got 2

Bob Marley

Mike Kinnane

Scott Smith got 2

Steve Hall

Brian Moneyhun

Rufus Beamer

Sharon Cawood

Tennessee House of Representatives 18th District 11 rejected write-in names 12 total

Anthony Hancock got 2

Cas Walker

Cash Walker


Michael Jackson

Steve Cohen

Tennessee House of Representatives 19th District 22 rejected write-in names 23 total


Dave Wright

Lauren Hopson

Richard Briggs

Snuffy Smith

Tennessee House of Representatives 89th District 12 rejected write-in names 12 total

Billy George

Joe Leinweber

Michelle Obama

Nolan Sharbel

Tim Burchett

Carl Wheeler

State Executive Committeewoman 5th Senatorial District 4 rejected write-in names, 4 total

Art Garfunkle

Felix Harris


Knox County Commission District One, 8 rejected write-in names, 32 total


Rick  Staple

Rick Staple

Rick Staples got 22


Riick Staples

Sam McKenzie

Knox County Commission District Two, 5 rejected write-in names, 5 total

Aaron Kyle


David K Dyer

Roderick Staples

Terry Barnett

Knox County Commission District Four, 6 rejected write-in names, 6 total


Jeffrey C Ownby

Jeffrey Ownby

Jjeff Owenby


Tracy Boatner

Knox County Commission District Five, 3 rejected write-in names, 3 total

<no name>

Barry Totten

No More Partisanship

Knox County Commission District Six, 4 rejected write-in names, 4 total


Cathy Whittaker

John Ashley

No Damn Cop (Must be a Cop Protester)

Knox County Commission District Eight, 2 rejected write-in names, 2 total

Any  One Else

Theyre Both Crooks

Knox County Commission District Nine, 3 rejected write-in names, 4 total

David Alan Doyle got 2

Mike Donila (WBIR Super Journalist)


Assessor of Property 244 Rejected write-in names 316 total

A UT Graduate

Andrew Graybeal got 3

Barack Obama

Bill Clinton

Bill Cosby

Bill Deathridge

Cameron Brooks (Knox Democrat Party Chairman)

Donald Duck

Donna Lucas got 2

Finbarr Saunders

Gloria Johnson got 2

Goober Pyle

GOP Sucks




Howard Sprague

Jim Weaver got 18

Jim Wever


Phil Ballard

Ray Meade

Sherry Witt

Susanne Dupes

Walt Wojnar

Law Director 263 Rejected write-in names 380 total

<no name> got 20

A got 5

ABC got 2


Andrew Roberto got 2

Any got 3

Any one else got 4

Anybody Else got 4

Anyone got 3

Anyone But Bud got 2

Anyone Else got 11

Barack Obama

Bernie Sanders got 3

Bob Toole

Brian Hornback

Bud Gilbert

Dawn Coppock

Dees Nutz

Dennis Francis got 2 (a Democrat Lawyer as Knox County Law Director)

Donald Trump

Donila The Thrilla (Mike Donila the WBIR Super Journalist)

Doug Harris

Elmer Fudd

F Lee Bailey

Hugh Nystrom


James Brandon Hamilton (Ninth District County Commission Candidate)

James P Mcintyre

Jeb Bush

Joe Jarrett got 3

John Owings

Lance Baker got 2

Literally Anyone Else

Me got 4

Mickey Mouse got 5

Michael Hampstead

Nat Rowell

Nathan D Rowell

Nathan Rowell got 28


Not Bud got 2

Not This Thief

Peyton Manning

Phil Williams

Robert Jolley

Someone Competent

Stephen Allan Burroughs

Wayne Ritchie


School Board District Two, 21 Rejected write-in names, 26 total

Any Man

Any One But Owen

G Johnson

Grant Standefer got 5

IDK Not Owen Tho

Pappy Omalley

R Larry Smith

School Board District Three, 16 Rejected write-in names, 16 total

Andrew Calderaro

Brianna Taylor Smith

Doug Harris

James P McIntyre

Jim Mcintire

Jim McIntyre

Melissa Tindell

Nate Pavalko

Oliver Thomas


School Board District Five, 5 Rejected write-in names, 5 total

<no name>

David Simerly

Johnnie B Cannon

Richard Cataldi

ZZ Top

School Board District Eight, 18 Rejected write-in names, 18 total

Anyone but McMillan

Bob Martin


Carter Ambrister

Joe McMillan

Lynn hall


Roy Mullins

Steve Williams

Tom Lakins

Town of Farragut Alderman I 1 rejected write-in name, 1 total

Terry Adams

Town of Farragut Alderman II 10 rejected write-in name, 10 total

<no name>



James Yann

Jim Yann

Johnnie B Cannon

Keith Brown

Louise Povlin

Mike Arms

Rich Cataldi

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