Has it Gotten Worse for Knox Democrats? Could It Get Worse?

In a twist of could an organization or entity get any worse. Tuesday night revealed that it could and did get worse for the Knox County Democrats.

It’s leader, Cameron Brooks has taken a struggling organization further down the hole of obscurity. First in August he lost one of the two County Commission seats to the Republican Party. In Knox Counties Second District Conservative Republican Michele Carringer replaced Liberal Democrat Amy Broyles.

Brooks had four legislative candidates Heather Hensley who challenged Roger Kane, Brandi Price who challenged Martin Daniel, Gloria Johnson who challenged Eddie Smith. Replacement nominee Rick Staples did not face a Republican. The only Democrat that won is Staples and had he faced a Republican candidate, Cameron would have likely lost him as well.

The Hillary vote in Knox County was so weakly diminished, it really begs to question if Cameron has slinked the party back into that old 1970’s phone booth in the Old City.

The democrat clubs including the famous Saturday Morning Boyd Cloud club doesn’t meet anymore and it was as if Cameron didn’t even bother to have last rites performed over them. The Northeast club is another club that died without even an obituary.

As Democrats have begun talking (the last two days) about the 2017 reorganization, a new approach and a new leader is being discussed, but is there anyone left to care?


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2 Responses

  1. Old School says:

    Don.t forget Gloria attacking Cliff Rogers over nothing.


    Desperate is as desperate does.

  2. Old School says:

    Can’t wait to see Courtney Piper and Don Bosch cry on Sunday.