Wayne Christensen statement on short-term rentals

KNOXVILLE, TENN, Aug 11, 2017 – Wayne Christensen, candidate for Knoxville City Council, 2nd District issues the following statement on short term rentals in the 2nd District.

“Short term rentals is an issue that many 2nd District voters are concerned about. I understand that this issue needs to be addressed, I do not feel that the government should forbid residents from using their private property as they see fit. If a person would like to own a short term rental in their home, I believe that regulations need to be put in place to ensure that the negative effect among other residents in the neighborhood is negated and that no property values are adversely affected and traffic congestion is avoided. In essence, I believe all stabilized neighborhoods should be protected while others may need to be stabilized. This is not a one-neighborhood fit every neighborhood issue and we need elected officials to address in that way. And I totally oppose short term rentals in R1 and R1E.”


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