Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor Legends of Wrestling Event

Yesterday, Glenn Jacobs 2018 candidate for Knox County Mayor had a fun event at Chilhowee Park inside the Jacobs Building. It was billed as the Legends of Wrestling.

Ricky Morton, Dr. Tom Prichard and Arn Anderson were there as was Glenn Jacobs. Jacobs is the character Kane.

Jambalaya was provided by Bayou Bay Seafood House and birthday cake was served because yesterday was Morton’s Birthday.

Jacobs volunteers registered people who were n0t registered voters. The Republican Primary is May 1, 2018.

The Jacobs "lean machine" was inside the Jacobs Building

The Jacobs “lean machine” was inside the Jacobs Building.

Registering Voters

Registering Voters





Ricky Morton and I

Ricky Morton and I

Dr. Tom Pritchard and I

Dr. Tom Prichard and I

"The Enforce" Arn Anderson and I

“The Enforcer” Arn Anderson and I

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