#WhoTheHeckIsHankHamblin? Well, Let Me Tell YOU!

Have you seen or heard, “Who the heck is Hank Hamblin?” Well let me tell you, who Hank Hamblin is. You will begin hearing more and more about Hamblin between today and August 2, 2018. Hamblin was born in Laffollete TN to working class parents. He was raised like all of us native Eat Tennesseans, he learned if you ever wanted to succeed you had to fight and work for what you believe in.

Hamblin spent 26 years in the United States Army, he commanded five battles across the deserts of the Middle East. During his time in the Army, he received a Purple Heart & a Bronze Star. Hamblin‘s goal,  mission and promise, is to take the leadership skills he cultivated from his time in service to our country and in turn make our voice heard.

With the retirement of Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (a veteran), Should Congress still have Representatives that are veterans? Many citizens believe so. The field of candidates is getting larger to replace Duncan and Hamblin is wisely  ensuring that his voice will be heard by the citizens of TN’s Second Congressional District, so that when you go to the polls on August 2nd, you will have heard from Hamblin and the others and will make the best decision for yourself.

With your support Hamblin believes he will be the rallying call of a new era for district 2. Take TN to DC. TURN IT UP!

By the way, be at the Knox County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner this Friday March 23, 2018 at Rothchild Catering and Conference Center, Hank Hamblin will be there and you can meet him.

Who the heck is Hank Hamblin?

Who the heck is Hank Hamblin? Hamblin‘s truck aka campaign vehicle.


myself with Hank Hamblin

Hank Hamblin and I


Hank Hamblin ad for U.S. Congress TN 2nd District

Hank Hamblin for U.S. Congress TN 2nd District ad.



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