Emert Campaign Points to Financial Backing of Knox County Mayor by a Liberal Supporter

Mayor Tim Burchett spent his evening rubbing elbows with elite Democrat donors at a fundraiser hosted by Knoxville lawyer Greg Isaacs. Isaacs happens to be a mega donor to liberal politicians and champion progressive causes. In fact, he has spent the last decade bankrolling the failed Tennessee Democrat Party and far-left politicians like Harold Ford, Jr., presidential candidate John Edwards, and Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate for the US Senate and former Governor Phil Bredesen.

Now, Isaacs has a new leftist, career politician to puppeteer: Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, in his bid for Congress. The fact that one of Burchett’s largest donors spends his free time bankrolling Democrat politicians and far-left policies speaks volumes to what he’ll do in Washington. While Isaacs trashes President Trump on Twitter, a platform the Mayor is extremely active on himself, voters need to know if Mayor Burchett feels the same way about our President and Republican-led efforts in Congress to Make America Great Again.

Emert Campaign Spokesman Chris Olmstead said, “Tim Burchett’s relationship with liberal lawyer Greg Isaacs speaks volumes to what his priorities will be if he is elected to Congress. Pelosi puppet values are not what East Tennesseans are looking for, and voters won’t forget mega donor Democrats are bankrolling his campaign when they go to the polls in August. Voters of the 2nd District want to see change in DC and it’s a conservative outsider like Jason Emert that they know will best represent their values and make Washington work for them again.”

Event Invitation

Event Invitation

Screenshot of Isaacs Twitter....supplied by Emert campaign

Screenshot of Isaacs Twitter….supplied by Emert campaign

Screenshot of Isaacs tweets..provided by Emert campaign

Screenshot of Isaacs tweet..provided by Emert campaign

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