Dr. Smoak in TN State House District 89

Tonight about 36 people gathered for a healthcare round table discussion with Republican candidate Dr. Guy Smoak, M.D. Smoak is one of several candidates running in the August 2, 2018 Republican Primary for TN State House District 89 that was served by Roger Kane. Kane is not running, so Smoak and several others are.

Smoak introducing some videos to the crowd

Smoak introducing some videos to the crowd

Smoak talked about his family, his wife of 30 years. His three adult sons. One is a Minister in New Jersey, one is a High School Chemistry teacher and basketball Coach and the other is a Medical School student.

He talked about the opioid crisis, he talked about the health care reform. He said some will ask is health care a privilege or a right. He said it is a precious resource. He talked about Education and School safety.

Those that attended were well engaged and enthusiastic.


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