Matlock Poll Shows Traction, 2-Way Race

According to a recent survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Neil Newhouse, East Tennessee voters who hear Jimmy
Matlock’s message want the conservative businessman to be their next
Congressman. Among those voters, Matlock leads career politician Tim
Burchett 41%-40%.

“This is a two-way race between Matlock and Burchett. No other candidate
tested on the ballot garners more than 2% of the vote,” said Newhouse.
In addition, two-thirds of potential GOP primary voters in Tennessee’s
Second Congressional District say Congressman Jimmy Duncan’s endorsement
of Matlock makes them more likely to vote for him. These results
“indicate the significant traction and potency of Duncan’s pull among
Republicans in the district,” said Newhouse.

Moreover, seven out of ten GOP voters in East Tennessee are less likely
to vote for Burchett when they learn about his vote as a state
legislator in favor of Democratic leadership and his vote for an
increase in the state sales tax.

“These survey results confirm what our campaign has known since we got
in this race: the good people of East Tennessee want a political
outsider with a proven conservative record to carry on Representative
Duncan’s legacy in Congress – not a career politician with a record of
voting for tax hikes and Democrats,” said Matlock.

The survey of 300 potential GOP primary voters was conducted in May and
had a margin of error of 5.66%. It was taken after Congressman Duncan, a
staunch ally of President Trump in Washington, endorsed Matlock.

Newhouse has been the lead pollster in Presidential campaigns, and his
firm is the pollster of record for four current Tennessee Congressmen,
and many other top Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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1 Response

  1. Carl says:

    How is it Timothy Floyd Burchett can scream that his opponents are smearing him and there is NO investigation about the ghost employee Ben Bean? This is a felony crime. Where is County Commission?