Ranger Dave, Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten Till We Meet Again



Ranger Dave” David Wayne Wallace, described as a ladies man, animal lover, nature enthusiast, philosopher, guru of knowledge and influence of leaders past, present and future entered eternal life at his home in Sparta, TN, Saturday June 9th, 2018.

Danger Rave, as he was also affectionately known, started his journey on this Earth December 18th, 1946, shortly after the end of WWII. This generation has affectionately become known as the “Baby Boomers.” While David may have been short in stature, his booming personality more than compensated. Shy, reserved, introverted, and unopinionated were all words used to describe this towering personality, said no one ever.

David had the unique ability to never meet a stranger or be at a loss for words. This trait, would in turn, prove to be one of his greatest attributes. The year was 1975 and unbeknownst to David, he was embarking on a career path within the Boy Scouts of America that would shape not only his life, but the lives of so many others that he met. He took the position of Ranger at camp Buck Toms working under the Great Smoky Mountain Council. The relationships, people and adventures that subsequently followed over the next 35 years until his retirement, shaped the man that he became and gave him endless joy. With his best friend Rex in tow, David would love to drive up and down through camp talking to the scouts, new and old alike. He was frequently greeted by the youngsters with a “Hey Rex,” which he in turn would respond with a “What about me?”, which he loved to say.

David took along on this ride, his daughter and three surviving sons, Abbey Sutton (husband Barry Sutton), Chuck Wallace,
Brian Wallace (wife Meredith Wallace), and Justin Wallace. Unfortunately for David, he never did find out who the real father of these fourwere, nor was he able to collect on child support for raising them.

Another one of David’s greatest joys in life was tormenting, aggravating, and torturing his four beautiful, innocent and angelic sisters.Pat, Donna, Joy, and Jan. Recipients of genetic circumstance, these four extraordinary woman would influence a young David Wallace, and help mold the budding personality of the man that would be later known as Ranger Dave. Since these ladies were there at the forefront one could argue that his bigger than life personality was their fault, if one was to make such an argument haha. David loved these four wonderful woman, and with Davids laid back and easy going personality, the five of them together were the Epitome peace and harmony. Its fitting then that Wallace be the name bestowed upon them, as everyone knows Wallace comes from the Scottish phrase “Quite and Unopinoated”.

David had a magnetic personality that drew people in, and held them there. Which brings us to the great loves of Davids,
unfortunately due to non binding arbitration and non disclosure agreements these incredible woman have asked not to be named. In reality, David was able to do what many cannot and remain friends with these wonderful women that gave their love and companionship.

David is preceded in Death by his Mother and Father, Gerald Wallace and Virginia Wallace. He is succeeded by his seven
grand children Colby Wallace, Asher Wallace, Sophie Wallace, Everett Wallace, McKenzie Anderson, and Cody Smiley. Nieces and nephews Sarah, Kim, Jeri Lynn, Jennifer, Adam & Jonathan; cousins, and other friends and family far and wide.

David was and always will be a one of a kind and he cherished every relationship he made throughout his extraordinary life. Thank you to everyone out there that was able to join in on his journey and become part of his story.

There will be a visitation for friends and family on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 from 5-7:00pm at Hunter Funeral Home, Sparta. For those of you that are with scouting and Roane County family, there will be a Celebration of Life for ole Ranger Dave, that will be held on July 8th at 2PM at Camp Buck Toms in Rockwood, TN.

In lieu of flowers we would prefer you make a donation to the Lift Life Foundation here .

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