Gasoline Price Gouging in Knoxville

Last evening my wife and I went to dinner with two other couples. As we traveled up to Dandridge to have dinner we noticed that the Love’s trucking center had unleaded gasoline for $4.09 a gallon and we discussed the price gouging that apparently ends at the Knox County line.

However, we traveled on and had an excellent dinner outside on the patio of Angelo’s at the Point with a view of Douglas Lake and a wedding that was going on. As we traveled back to Knoxville. We stopped at Love’s and purchased gas for their vehicle. The scan of the receipt is below.

When our friend went in to purchase some Mountain Dew he ran into a gentleman that identified himself as the District Manager of Loves. He asked how and why are your gas prices still at $4.09 while gas prices are rising to $5 and $6 a gallon? The man said we refuse to price gouge like they are in Knoxville. Now, Loves is at Exit 412. As we traveled back into Knoxville we noticed that the Pilot Travel Center at exit 398 only 14 miles west was $4.99 a gallon. A 90 cent increase in gasoline prices and all we did was cross the county line. Last night, diesel fuel at Loves was $3.97.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is WOW! You’re on to something real with this story. You should do a price survey of fuel prices IN Knoxville/Knox County vs prices outside of the county.
    The price difference you’ve documented is inexcusable! I woould think there is a regulatory agency (either state or federal; or both) that would/could/should address this. I remember when I was in college at KSU the folks there in Manhattan KS noticed a price difference (in town vs outside town) and the state (forget what agency) did some investigating and … prices “normalized.” That was the term I heard used. There were no charges levied, no further action but everybody had the feeling that someone leaned on someone to get them to play nice.
    Here in Kansas, at Love’s #11, gas (regular, unleaded) is $3.65 per gallon and diesel is $3.99 per gallon.


  2. MEsule says:

    Anderson County, or at least, Oak Ridge, jumped on that bandwagon hard and fast. Friday afternoon, I paid less for mid-grade at the Phillips on the turnpike than anyplace else was charging for regular. Prices jumped about $1.50 in 2 days. I’m so proud to live here.