Robert Lawrence Smith Exits Stage Left from the School Board Race

This morning, Robert Lawrence Smith, Knox County Commission Vice Chair announced that he was withdrawing his name from the ballot for Knox County School Board Seventh District. Smith would have faced Knox County Veteran School Teacher Patti Lou Bounds and Knoxville Entrepreneur Andrew Graybeal.

In making his announcement from his office in the 640 North Office Building, Smith said there other more experienced candidates in the race than himself. It was a scene never before witnessed with Smith. Lots of speculation began immediately surfacing. Would Smith challenge State Representative Bill Dunn? Would Smith wait and see what becomes of the rumored investigation into the Knox County Property Assessors Office? If a vacancy would occur in the Knox County Property Assessors office within the next two years would Smith seek that appointment? Would Smith wait until 2016 when the Property Assessor is term limited out and seek that position? Most everyone’s reaction is that Smith will surface somewhere in the near future.

I do believe that Smith made the right decision.

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2 Responses

  1. FocuselyFocusedforKorrington says:

    What happened to Betty Bean being assigned school board races? Is 10 am too early for her to attend a press conference or is she just that lazy? I guess being a friend of Sandra’s allows her to make Jake go and she just hides in her hole.

  2. BeNiceToBetty says:

    Good for Mrs. Bounds. Someone on the Board who should be there. I hope Mrs. Shepherd wins her race too. Maybe then we won’t see all the silly antics that are currently being played out in Knox County Schools and have some real focus on students and teachers.