Knox County Commission Takes NO Action on Gill

Tonight, in the Knox County Commission meeting Commissioner Larsen Jay made a motion, Commissioner Brad Anders seconded and discussion was had. Anders spoke and withdrew his second. Chairman Hugh Nystrom said he saw both sides and that he knew Jay wanted to operate the committee with good government. He said he did not see the votes passing if he seconded the motion, so it died for lack of a second.

Commissioner Carson Dailey said there was a 2,000 pound elephant in the room tonight and at the next three Joint Eduction Committee there will be a 1,000 pound elephant in the room. I can only presume he is referring to the commissions talk about the Gill lawsuit.

During public forum early in the meeting, a public citizen talked sternly to all 11 Commissioners and specifically referenced the reports that have been cited in the Knox News Sentinel.

Knox County Commission

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1 Response

  1. Solway says:

    Brad Anders saying that Commission is a family is proof that it a nothing more than a group of cronies too worried about going along to get along than doing what’s right…..that is why he is NOT Mayor Anders….status quo is not what the tax payers want and expect.