What Happened To Sharon? Mark’s Wife.

This announcement in the Karns version of the Slopper News caused a few eyebrows to raise.

Lambert, Rountree to meet

Knox County commissioners Greg Lambert and Robert Rountree will meet at Hardee’s on Oak Ridge Highway in Karns on Saturday, March 1, at 9 a.m. Rountree was appointed to the 6th District seat formerly held by the term-limited Mark Cawood.

What happened to this being the seat formerly held by appointed wife of term-limited Mark Cawood? Is this an attempt to try and erase history so that Sharon can make a run at Brad Anders or Kathy Bryant in 2010? Or is Sharon going to run for the seat currently held by Greg “Lumpy” Lambert in 2010, while Lambert runs for the State Representative seat in his district?

We all want to try and forget the short tenure of one Sharon Cawood however, it is a little hard to forget the Juvenile Court Clerk employee taking the long lunches, ribbon cuttings and let’s not forget the legacy of stationary gate.

Here’s hoping that the private citizen Sharon Cawood is doing well. The public official Sharon Cawood didn’t fare so well.

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    Greg, “Got a Gun, Lumpy” Lambert is a disgrace to Knox county…This guy is an idiot from the word go. His last stunt mouthing off at a citizen who objected to rezoning is disgusting. And to think that one day, he might represent the state of Tennessee….Whoooo Daddy…what’s this world coming to?