After Thanksgiving, Are Knox County Taxpayers Getting the Screw? Do NOT Spend To Much on Black Friday, Because OUR Tax Bills Are Likely Going UP!

The Knox County School Board and Knox County Commission are being expected to vote for a Memorandum of Understanding after the Thanksgiving Holiday. (first of December).

I have reason to believe that Chris Caldwell, the Finance Director and Deputy Chief of Staff to Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs authored this MOU. The same finance director under a previous Mayoral administration that signed time cards and approved the same time cards for Ben Bean, a 13 month Knox County Finance employee and close friend of Caldwell. A former employee that Knox County IT was unable to produce any work product or emails through an open records request by this author.



The rest of the MOU to include signature lines

The rest of the MOU to include signature lines

A few points to consider,

1) If the Build out costs for the TVA Tower are $125 per square foot for 200,000 square feet. That equals $25 million dollars.

2) If the moving expense to move eight blocks down Gay Street is $13 million dollars.

3) Then this combined $38 million dollars will trigger a huge Knox County property tax increase for no reason. Taxpayers get nothing from this deal.

4) It does not appear to meet the legal requirements of form and substance. It is a blank check for TVA at the expense of every single Knox County taxpayer.

5) If anyone on the School Board or County Commission votes for this TVA/UT Knoxville give-away is raising your property taxes.

Surely this will be a campaign issue next year when seven Commission candidates are asking for YOUR vote.


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3 Responses

  1. Where my GOP? says:

    Why do I care to pay more property taxes to help TVA and Randy Boyd? I will vote against anybody who votes for this blank check.

  2. Bruce Williams says:

    Good to see you back on the job

  3. Sam Miller says:

    Glenn Jacobs has lost his mind. A blank check for TVA and UT with my tax dollars? I’m not voting for any fool that votes for this Turkey.